Money Holder for Weddings:

Now days, western wedding have lots of accessories such as exclusive bridal, bridesmaids & groom dress, footwear, jewelry, bouquets, headpieces, photo props, decorative items, chairs sashes,  special wedding crockery, gift table, centerpieces for tables & lots of other items.

Similarly a very important wedding accessory is the wedding money holders. As the name of this item shows that these holders are used for keeping money. Mostly, the guests who want to give money as gift to the bridal & groom can use these money holders. Money holders are usually designed according to the theme of the wedding. If you are going to arrange a white wedding then try to use a white color money holder box. Some special & exclusive designs of money holders are shown below. I hope you will like these as well as some other which are shown into the picture gallery.

Pink & Black Pair of Wedding Money Holder:

1 lovely wedding money holder idfeas

Look towards this black & pink color wedding money holder. It is a double layer square shape box which is decorated by using black color papers & borders of these boxes are adorned with pink color straps. A silk bow is used on the top of this box.  It can go perfect with pink & black theme wedding function.

Creamy Floral Embellished Money Holder:

2 skin color wedding money holder

Have a look at this tripled layered light skin color money hold box. It is decorated by using fabricate flower, ribbons & little brooches. The open area which is used for entering money envelops into this box is decorated by using little golden color beads on the central box.

Wedding Money Holder in Dark Purple Color:

3 flower style wedding money holder

It is a round shape double layered wedding money holder which is decorated by using skin color silky ribbon. The ribbon ends on a four petal silky flower that is decorated by using a little crystal brooch. This money holder can go perfect with dark purple color weddi8ng theme.

Red Money Holder:

4 stylish wedding money holder collection

This double square shape radish color money holder is adorned by using net stuff. A stylish bow is created by using net. A fabricate flower is used on this bow. It is perfect for red color wedding themes.

 Wedding Money Holders Picture Gallery:

Into the following picture gallery you can explore some more interesting design of money holder for various wedding themes. A money holder for wedding can also be prepared at home by using a shoe box or another useless box whether is square shape or in round, triangular or rectangular shapes. You can make a single, double, triple & more layers of money holder. For decoration a money holder you can use silky ribbons, papers, fabricate flowers, bows, brooches, beads, crystals, rhinestones etc. look towards picture & get ideas on how you can make a money holder at home according to your wedding theme!