Stage Decoration Pictures for Indian & Eastern Wedding Functions:

There is a great difference between the west & east. Both are opposite of each other. Similarly, the people who are living in east are totally different from the people who are living in west in their languages, in their way of clothing, way of living & foods, as well as weddings & culture traditions are also different. So, when it comes to an eastern wedding I mean Indian or Pakistani wedding function then there stage décor is very much different from western style stage décor. Today, on this page I bring the Indian wedding stage décor ideas. The decoration of stage depends on the different things. First is the wedding venue, second is the wedding time day or night & third is the wedding budget. So, keep these three points into your mind & then choose an appropriate wedding stage décor.

An Indian wedding stage has special culture impact. Traditional style furniture such as sofas or chairs are used on the stage. The tables are also decorated in a very well way. The backside of the stage can be decorated with curtains, flowers, mirrors, frames, balloons, lights & lots of other things. Sometimes, the pillars are used into the Indian wedding stage décor. For wedding stage décor mostly specialist are hired so that they can give a dreamy look to the stage. Here, I include the latest pictures. All are new. If, your wedding is expected is the upcoming year then dear choose the mehendi day, barat day & wedding reception day stage décor ideas from the following gallery & I am sure that your guests will surely be amazed to see such a nice & beautiful décor. Observe each picture & get the ideas!

Mirror at the Back of Stage with Flower Plant Hanging Above:

0 wedding stage decoration

Flower, Dried Tree Branches & Curtains are Used in Stage Decor with Single Sofa for Bride & Groom:

wedding stage decoration (1)

Decent & Graceful Wedding Reception Stage Décor Idea:

wedding stage decoration (2)

Mehendi Day Palace Inspired Stage Décor Idea with Flowers:

wedding stage decoration (3)

Small Stage Décor with Flower on the Top of Pillars & Chairs:

wedding stage decoration (4)

Paisley Indian Traditional Stage Décor Idea:

wedding stage decoration (5)

Diya & Candle Stage Décor Idea:

wedding stage decoration (6)

Wedding Stage Décor with Flower Garland Canopy:

wedding stage decoration (7)

Classical Stage Décor with Curtains hanging at Back & Chandeliers on Ceiling:

wedding stage decoration (8)

Dreamy Blue & Icy White Effect Stage Décor Idea:

wedding stage decoration (9)