Ivory Wedding:

A wedding that is organized by taking ivory or white color into the consideration is called an ivory wedding. In this type of wedding the color theme is ivory, off-white or white. That’s why the bridal dress, footwear, jewelry, groom dress, footwears, bridesmaids’ dresses & jewelry, table decoration, bouquets, invitations, cakes, reception decoration & even each thing is selected according to the ivory wedding theme. Let me introduce some of these one by one.

Bridal Dress for Ivory Wedding:

A bridal gown is very important pieces of cloth that women ever wear on the big & unforgettable day of her life.  The outfits of a Bride & groom come into the top of this list because both are crucial into the wedding ceremony. No one can imagine a wedding ceremony without bride & groom. So, be careful into the selection of bridal dress at first. You can choose an ivory color mermaid style of wedding gown as well as a ball or maxi style outfit.

Groom Dress for Ivory Wedding:

The groom can wear an ivory color collared shirt with a black color pant coat. I think in this combination the couple looks perfect.

Bridesmaids Dresses for Ivory Wedding:

Now let’s move towards the Bridesmaids dresses because bridesmaids are also very important, they can use simple ivory color or contrast it with some other color of sashes such as with parrot, pink, brown, red, blue etc for adding some colors into the wedding ceremony.

Footwear for Ivory Wedding:

The footwear & jewelry selection has also a great connotation. Bridal & bridesmaids can choose flat or high heel ivory color footwear very easily because these colors of footwear are very easily available into the market. However the groom looks very gauche when wear white or ivory color footwear with black dress. So if groom wears a white color pant coat then ivory color footwear looks nice with it.

Bridal Jewelry for Ivory Wedding:

Bridals as well as bridesmaids can choose pearl based jewelry with ivory color of dress. They can use a pair of crystal earring, rings or necklaces for them. The hair accessories made with white or ivory color rhinestones, beads, pearls can also be used.

Ivory Wedding Cake:

Be careful about cake for celebrating this great day of your life. Choose white color cream cake with beautiful decoration in floral pattern. Try to buy a fresh & delicious cake.

Invitation for Ivory Wedding:

First thing or the initial step is the selection of wedding invitation cards. Again ivory is the color that looks very nice in invitation cards. You look into the pictures for best ivory wedding card invitation. You can use white or light golden color ribbon for fasten these cards. Usage of crystal brooches is also looks very nice. Though it is costly yet adds the lavishness into the invitation cards.

Ivory Wedding Decoration Ideas:

In ivory wedding the Table & Chair decoration, stage decoration & reception decoration are also very crucial. In chair/table decoration try to use white or off-white color table covers, chair covers, chair sashes etc. for creating a very impressive stage you can go with ivory color of curtains at the back wall of stage plus lights & flowers decoration.  The centerpieces & candles can also be used into reception décor.

Bouquet for Ivory Wedding:

Bouquet is collection of beautiful flower. It is usually hold by the bridals or sometimes by the bridesmaids also. So in this regard I suggest you to choose a white rose bouquet or Lilly bouquets. You can go with a bouquet that is made by using various types but only off-white, white or ivory color of flowers.

Ivory Wedding Pictures:

Look into the following picture gallery that is full of withy various ivory wedding accessories. Just cheek it out & tell me your point of view about this!

1 strapless bridal jewelry pearls grooms ivory wedding dress

2 ivory wedding for shoes bridal wear

3 ivory wedding cakes 2014

4 flower style ivory wedding ideas

5 new sweet love ivory wedding invitations