Most beautiful crystal vintage crown is lying with all its magical showiness. It is deftly prepared with precious silver stones in circles. Red and green large stones are studded inside each circle. A big crystal stones is attached in the middle of crown. It is appropriate for wedding and royal ceremonies.

It’s a highest of embellishment and decorative royal tiara. Varieties of designs are employed in it. Shimmering and glistening stones are arranged in lines and veins of leafs. Pearls on both edges are immersing their glory. Maroon colored stone and petals on top it is inflating its dignity. It is symbol of pomp and show of stately figures.

It is subtle and sophisticated golden tiara. It is not decorated with emeralds and stones except it holds leaf complex prototype. Tie style in the center is giving appearance. It is wearable in customs and wedding occasions.

Unique and exceptional vintage tiara is made of crystal material and holds association of crystal material. Heart shaped stone is displaying its liveliness due to red color. blue colored stones are accentuating its freshness.



gold-vintage-crowns (1)

gold-vintage-crowns (2)


gold-vintage-crowns (3)