Beautifully crafted with the shining material which shimmers at night. Out standing green stones add the beauty of the crown can be match with the green appliqué gown or dress attached with the hair due to pinholes.
Wonderful tiara beautifully embellished with the sparkly diamond like stones shine like stars at sky at night give gleam look to the bridal can be attached to the hair with the help of two loops either of the two end of the band.

Simply but stunning crown looks gorgeous and mind blowing. Silver wires twisted on the whole tiara which is an elegant to look at the sight. The entire design is in the form of coils and black stone has been fit at the centre of it.
Gorgeous beautiful crown specially made with diamante rhinestones perfect for fashion conscious bride, quite versatile and can be worn with any type of gown. Wonderful pinholes to capture it in the hair.

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western bridal tiaras013

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