Marvellous crown is suitable for the latest bride who wants modern on her particular day. Excellently embellished with Sparkling stones and faux pearl create a beautiful effect on bridal. The band is made with the cubic stones.
Shimmering crown with the shining material is perfect for the night function gives a fairy look to the bridal. Clear white crystal and gorgeous rhinestones increase the beauty of the tiara perfect accessories to coordinate with any kind of dress but graceful look with white dress.

A tiara is the beautiful hair accessories declare your joys on your special day. Wonderful tiara is the special creativity of the designer make the ordinary hair beautiful on weddings ceremonies. Bridal hair band is made with the lustrous stones.
Mind blowing tiara is simply design can be worn with any type of gown but suitable with the black shade dress or black appliqué gown. All the wires are in the form of coils fasten with one another looks very nice.



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