Every girl wants to look gorgeous and elegant on her wedding day and that’s why she chooses excellent things for the day including dress, jewelry, shoes, makeup and hairstyle. Most of the brides want to decorate their head with beautiful accessory along with the hairstyle. Here we will tell you about the gold headpieces that fit well to the hairstyle, dress and bride’s personality because wearing an appropriate hair accessory is an art.

A vintage inspired head band with dangling gold chains made with Rhine stones paired with updo hairstyle with loose curls. It is an easy updo that is the epitome of sophisticated. When we pull back our hair it draws attention to the profile of the face.

Braids are huge now and will hold up to any weather change. Try a crown braid and decorate it with a gold head piece made with gold and pearls. A thin French braid on the forehead wraps around the head and leave all of your bangs in straight position.

This dreamy look is free spirited yet elegant these beachy waves are beautiful on brides for a more casual wedding. To compliment the low key look, try a statement gold headpiece and soft red lips softer rolls can be created with shorter hair lengths that might not otherwise long enough for an up style. This style works best with smooth strands and to make it more beautiful place a gold tiara or bold clip above the curls.

You will look elegant on your wedding day with this playful side braid and forehead strands are styled in baby cut and adorned with gold hair accessory made in gold chain and tiny flowers and Rhine stones. The gold head piece is designed in tiny gold leaves. Braid bun hairstyle with gold headpiece is for those brides who want glamour with no fuss. A braid made into a bun with short length hair is looking very nice. Highlights also really pop in statement braids, if you love the look of contrasting colors.

This look achieves a soft and ethereal feeling. Hair is off the neck and loosely braided around the head, then roughed up to make it look more lived in. keep it classic with three strands loose braid and decorate it with gold tiara designed in tiny gold leaves and rhine stones.

Gold head jewelry designed with Rhine stones really pops in this easy to pull off style that works for hair of all textures. A subtle twist stays in place securely under the gold tiara even on the most humid of days and curls move freely with a cutaway back that adds to the hairstyles femininity.

Look like you rolled out of bed looking ready for the red carpet with this breezy, light hairstyle that allows you to be playful with volume. Accessorize with gold head band and for an extra hint of romance, let a few tendrils fall over your face.

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