This fingerless wedding gloves ivory is superbly designed and having lace of durable stuff that becomes the beauty of hands and daisy patterns with petals across it are so designed that it looks very nice and grand.


White glove in glittering filling thread work is favorable for luminance bridal. It has been designed in wavy petals and floral motif. The essence of its delicacy lies in its classy chic and glitzy outline.

white-gloves- for girls

Silk fingerless wedding gloves are lacking in extra embellishments and decorations. It is simply designed with a wing of pea-cock on front side is suitable for dignified bridals.


Creamy shade this glove is a fulfillment of desire of those bridals that aspires to become the apple of her husband eye. It will easily make her lover devoted to her by seeing in this superlative lace fingerless wedding gloves ivory.