Photography Props for Wedding Day:

Now days, a trend which is becoming very familiar, is the usage of various kinds antique, wood, plastic, paper, funny & romantic photo props. Photo props can become a way of fun & enjoyment on your wedding day.  You can capture the memorable moments of your big day of life by using these props. On this page I like to discuss some interesting photo props & their usages with the help of picture. Some others are also given into the following photo prop picture gallery.

Heart Shape Holders:

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Look towards the couple who just married & hold a heart shape “Just Married” photo prop. Similarly into the next picture you can see how you can prepare this photo prop at home. Take a hard board. Now cut it into the heart shape. Use a silky ribbon as holder. You can paste a paper on this heart shape cut board for making it a perfect wedding photo prop (I mean choose the color which can go perfect with your wedding theme). You can write different interesting quotes on these board such as “Just married”, “Love”, “First comes Love”, “Then comes Marriage” etc.


2 beautiful  wedding photo props

This umbrella photo prop can help you to make an ambiguous photo. Couple can use it for the purpose of creating a sense of nostalgia into the scenario. Color of umbrella can be chosen according to the theme of the wedding.

Frame, Moustaches & Hats:

3 ideas of wedding photo props

Other most commonly used wedding photo props are hats, moustaches & antique style wooden frames. All these props can add some fun into your wedding photo album. You can use moustaches on stick or you can paste fake moustaches on under your nose or on the top of upper lip. You can prepare these props even at your home by using useless items.

Mr.  & Mrs. Wedding Photo Prop Idea:

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In the very first picture you can see the mr & Mrs Photo prop. When you look deeply into the picture then you will observe that on Mr prop it is written “I am her Mr.” & on mrs it is written “I am his MRS.”. In the second picture you can see how the newly married couple can use this pair of photo prop.

Photo Props:

There is a wide variety of photo props such as chalkboards, bride & groom glasses photo prop, masks, antique furniture such as chairs, dressing tables etc, mirrors (wall or floor), umbrella, sparkling item, paper signs, balloons, mustaches, hats, lips, funny glasses, your pets, riding boots, bubbles, picture frames, glasses, &, thank you & just marries signs etc. Look toward the photo gallery & get more ideas!