Indian Wedding Photoshoot Ideas:

Wedding is a very memorable function that people want to make more remarkable & unforgettable by planning it different & uniquely. They think about new & interesting traditions, they buy stylish & stunning clothes, footwear, jewelry etc, they decorate the place beautifully where the wedding is expected to held, they invite people, bridal & groom pay attention towards themselves so that they can look perfect on this big day & so on.

Similarly, photography is also very important aspect of wedding because by using camera you can capture the memorable moments very easily & can see towards these photos whenever you want to remember you big day of life.

In this age of modernism various photographer want to make this art more memorable, full of fun & enjoyment. For this purpose now days, various kinds of items are used during the photo shoot. These items are called photo shoot props or photography props. Fake or artificial mustaches, eye masks, lips, etc are called photo props, an umbrella can also be used as photo prop.

Similarly a desk, a bike, wooden frames & lots of other little or bigger size items can be used as photo props. Today, I am going to share some pictures of Indian wedding that are made interesting by using various photo props. Let’s have a look!

Photo Props for Indian Bridal:

1 indian wedding Photo Shoot Ideas with props

If you want to add some fun into your wedding photo shoot then a bridal can use these two funny photo props (eyewear & mustache) into her wedding photography!

Eyewear & Written Tags as Photo Props:

2 indian wedding Photo Shoot Ideas with props (1)

When it comes to include all friends into photo shoot then these friends can go with stylish & funny plus bigger size eyewear & funny written tags notes as photo props as shown into the above picture!

Mustache & Lips Sticks as Wedding Photo Props:

3 indian wedding Photo Shoot Ideas with props (2)

Indian bridesmaids can use the artificial mustache & lip sticks as photo prop.

Eye Masks Wedding Photo Prop:

4 indian wedding Photo Shoot Ideas with props (3)

All family members or relative can use various photo props of their own choice such as eye mask, lip sticks, mustache sticks, frames, fur boas etc.

Bridal Dress & Accessories as Photo Props:

5 indian wedding Photo Shoot Ideas with props (4)

A bridal can convert her wedding day dress (saree or lehenga choli), jewelry (earring, necklace, ring, headpiece etc) & footwear into photo props before wearing all this. Scattered you all wedding day accessories on bed & take photo.

Frames as Photo Props:

6 indian wedding Photo Shoot Ideas with props (5)

Bridal & groom look nice if they use frames as photo props. Their smiling faces (when they are looking into each other’s eyes) are looking really very joyful.

Umbrella as Photo Prop:

7 indian wedding Photo Shoot Ideas with props (12)

Think about an umbrella a photo prop plus once again use mustache, eyewear, hand & lips sticks with umbrella.

Photo Props for Asian Wedding:

Look towards the following gallery & get more idea about how you can use various items as photo props!