The Calla Lilly includes among the very beautiful flowers. Its leaves are very delicate & fragile while its fragrance is also very sweet. It comes in large as well as in small sizes. Lilly is basically a bulbous flower means fat & round flower but Calla Lilly is also a fat & cone shape flower which usually comes in yellow, pink, dark purple, orange & white colors.

These calla lilies are most widely used in the making of very gorgeous bouquets which are used at weddings by bridals or bridesmaids instead of it you can also carry a calla Lilly bouquet when you are going at the birthday or anniversary party of your friend & relative. You can see into the following pictures that mostly bouquets are tied by using silky ribbons. Take a look!!!

About: Bouquets
Made with: Calla Lilly Flowers
Colors: Pink, Yellow, White, Dark Purple etc
Perfect for: Weddings, Bridals, Parties etc

plum Calla Lilies Bouquets

silk bouquets calla lily and orchid posy

stylish Calla Lilies Bouquets

wedding bouquets lilies

white color Calla Lilies Bouquets