This pearl crystal wedding bouquet is an amalgamation of diverse material. It has been furnished by small and big pearls stones and oval shaped long crystal beads. These are interconnected with each other as the branches of a tree. It is demanding and worthy due to its enormity in bits and pieces.


Pearl and crystal button bouquet is a high class choice ant it becomes the sign of one’s effective personality. It is impossible for observers to forget the fascination of this specific bouquet. Crystal beads are so linked together that it is difficult to separate one crystal from the other.


outstanding that they will create a desire in every heart to be owner of them and to make wedding day fabulous Crystal wedding bouquets are so astonishing and by means of them. This very crystal spray bespeaks of the craftsmanship of its creator as it has been come into being with the alliance of tissue stuff in folded way and the attachment of crystal with a thin wire is just away from high regard and approval.