There is assortment of different and eye catching beaded bridal bouquets. These have been prepared by beads and satin stuff has been included in their arrangement. These carry bulging shapes and beads in brooch form and in other various patterns are amazing. Beads of distinct colors are dazzling and provide the bridal a charismatic manifestation. One is in floral pattern of satin cloth and others have been given unique look by using beads in a network.


This beaded bouquet is fantastic and exquisite in its beauty and style. Tiny and long shaped beads have been employed in its adornment. Its holding portion is also bejeweled by array of beads. Beads of light colors are the evidence of delicacy of bridal and her significant personality.


These are fresh and breathe taking beaded bouquets. Selection of light hues is the symbol of sophistication. Minute wreath pattern with pearls in bump silhouette and tissue stuff and hanging ribbon is so gorgeous. Beads in jelly fish shape is marvelous job and yellow colored beads and silver little stones are aggrandizing the sparkling of this wedding bouquet.


Beaded bouquets for wedding are in same line as regard to design and style but these differ in color combination that are mind-boggling. Daisy styled this popping bouquet with buttons on them is quite new and original in the hodgepodge of bouquets for wedding ceremony.