Hey friends! Today I will tell you about the importance of card. A card helps to reinforce the bond between two people. It carries a message of few words. On birthday holiday and special occasion, a card reminds the ones you care about, that they are in your thought.

A unique hand made greeting card can not math with the market cards. If you are going to decorate your card by hand. Then you should use heavier textured card stock, which give the card unique and authentic look. A T square or similar tool vital for cutting the corners at right angles. You can use pencil, paint, crayons, stamps, stencils and anything else that will leave a mark to create an image for the outside of the card. To give your texture heavy and prominent, try adding card shapes, buttons, length of ribbons, flowers, beads, and other decoration things. And use glue carefully and press the card flat, under a book or other heavy objects until it dries. Utilize bright and multi colors. All hand made decorating cards raised your creativity shine.


Topic: homemade cards

Perfect for: birthday, mother day, father day, marriage, and anniversary

Colors: bright like red yellow pink green and multicolor

Material: heavy card stock, paint, crayons, stamps, ribbons, flowers, glue etc

simple and stylish handmade cards

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