Wedding shower party is very significant for the bride while the shower invitation contains too much importance for the ladies. In Spain this party is celebrated with full of zeal and just the ladies are allowed to attend this celebration but now with the passage of time men also have been attending the party.  Basically this party is held before the wedding day or the week ago. Searching for its origin, the trend was found in the mid of 19th century when a poor father was not be able to fulfill the practice of dowry, the friends of bride decided to give gifts for her wedding so that she could collect some essentials for wedding. As the time passed, there were some changes with adding the traditions of specific countries. In some countries formally the brides send invitations to friends and fellow but somewhere the surprising party is held by the age fellows of bride. Now in modern age theme based parties are celebrated for bridal shower like the Spanish bridal shower and for invitation there are many designs for you the brides, I am going to allocate. Bridal shower is not for the night time, it’s the day party with full of delicious meal, gifts, prayers, games and fun.
Ok get ready for your celebration but wait for a minute, you have forgotten about sending invitations. Don’t worry my ideas will inspire you to invite your friends on a Spanish bridal shower.

Spanish bridal shower invitation with lace:

1. spanish bridal shower invitations

Make such invitation using the chic red lace stuff to beautify the invitation for your bridal shower. You may add the red ribbon on envelop to make it more exciting.

Red and black invitation card:


2. spanish bridal shower invitations

This design is also amazing with lively colors of black and red. But don’t forget to mention the timing schedule.

Simple bridal shower invitation:


3. spanish bridal shower invitations

The simple idea with making bridal gown but you can make it much more by adding the stuff of gown so that it could look stunning.

Bridal shower digital printing invitation:

4. spanish bridal shower invitations

Go with the digital printing adding the beautiful rose flowers aside and all the party details on the other side.

Make the invitation exciting:


5. spanish bridal shower invitations

This celebration is incomplete with gifts session so you can design gifts with the craze of bridal printed on card and all the compulsory details.

Polka dot invitation card:


6. spanish bridal shower invitations

You may add all the details using the polka dot card with the printed bridal wearing cocktail beautiful wedding gown.

Write in Spanish wording:


7. spanish bridal shower invitations


This invitation is for Spanish bridal shower, so you can make invitation in Spanish words too, but if your friends are not Spanish then only Spanish quote is good and rest of the details will be written in English.

Traditional Spanish bridal shower invitation:


8. spanish bridal shower invitations

Add the polka dot accents to your Spanish bridal shower invitation with writing information about that day.

Intricate designing for shower invitation:


9. spanish bridal shower invitations

For more sophisticate style choose the intricate art design for your bridal shower invitation like in the picture.

Floral designing invitation:

10. spanish bridal shower invitations

You can make like this invitation with your hands by designing floral textures with beautiful color markers.

Spanish shower party invitation:


11. spanish bridal shower invitations

Print the traditional bridal gown on your bridal shower invitation along with all the essentials of party.