Couples who plan a destination wedding or private ceremony will need post wedding reception and this kind of party is called post wedding part, eloping party or after wedding party. After the wedding party is an outstanding way to get the bride’s family and groom’s family. After wedding party or elopement party can be an informal gathering at the home of the groom and bride and their parents or it can be a formal party at country club.

This party may occur the day, week, month or longer after the wedding when a couple has eloped in front of a small group of close friends and family. At this type of the wedding party, the bride and the groom might open gifts.

Each eloping party is cater and organized to the style of couples and their personalities and it is always not necessary to stick with the traditional invitation standards. Most often the eloping part cards are included in with the wedding ceremony invitations as a suit style in vitiations and most often the party details are included with the ceremony details, which is usually just a simple paragraph with the location, time and RSVP request.

You will typically start the invitation in the same format as the wedding ceremony invitations, but instead of using ‘at the wedding” or other variations that pertains to the ceremony, you would write ‘at after the wedding celebration” or “post wedding celebration”. You will still include the date, time and location.  The invitations should include the host’s name and be followed by the something stating “repletion in the honor of Mr. and Mrs. Last Name”.

If the post wedding celebration is being held at home, you should make sure that you informed your guests of this by simplify using the wording wedding celebration party “at the residence of “… with the address following.

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