Before doing something for your wedding, birthday and anniversary function, your first step and interest should be ‘invitation card’ which is a message of invitation call for your friends from you and next person can judge and estimate your taste and talent through this invitation card style, color and design. So beware about the invitation cards and be modish by using below green invitation cards for your marry occasions, hope you will find a lot of approval glance on special event by guests because of green invitation card.
Let’s see below gallery which is full of invigorated and staggering green cards….

These green cards have much compatibility between the background and writing fonts. If the base is bright than writing fonts will be light in the other hand, situation would be contrariwise [opposite]. Entirely green cards are decorated with ribbon and tie. At the top of these invitation cards, you will find a few blessing sentences than bridal and groom’s name and at the end invited sentences would be written for you. Flower and tapes tried designing has been also made on the front page amazingly. These cards are present in envelop shape at all and give a stupefying and tremendous cute look…..

Accessory: Invitation cards
Style: Green envelop cards
Adorned with: Green ribbon and tie
Suitable for; Special occasions

Beautiful-Formal-Green-Wedding-Invitation-Design- Green Wedding Invitation Designs collection Green Wedding Invitation Designs