At the past, letters are used to invite the guest but in this modern age special hand made wedding invitation cards are used to invite the guest in a very humble way. The invitation cards are decorated in different way like ribbons, crystal, and shimmering material. Energetic printed card with beautiful designing, adorned with silky ribbon and white pearl brooch.

Unique design of wedding invitation card chocolate color and new design of tree printed outside the card has a pocket for the reception card, wrapped in a brown ribbon. Grey wedding invitation card is very nice with the ferozi ribbon knotted from the outside. Majority people prefer red color because it is the sign of love. Red color wedding invitation card incredibly design with tissue ribbon and wrapped in a transparent sheet.


pink fancy mahraja style wedding invitations

beautiful 2013 folding invitation

most elegant different amazing nice stunning 2013 invitation   silky ribbon used as bow in the card shimmering wedding invitations white folding invitation with red ribbon