The dresses which are carried by the brides are in so many styles and colors but white color is the favorite and traditional color of the western brides they like to carry such dresses which are unique and different from the others because they want to look gorgeous on their wedding because it is their special day and they want to make their day remarkable for her and the others .

bridal dress selection is so difficult  because  the bride is the  center of attraction in the wedding all the people  want to see the bride in the good dressing with full grooming . the designers are designed  different dresses for the brides because they can understand the choice of them  but you can stitch your dresses according to your will because a dress which  is liked by you is more than good than the stitched dresses .

you are well known  from the one piece dress  but now we are talking about the two piece dress  which is  specially made for the brides they can easily carry these dresses  on their wedding with different jewelry and it look fabulous  and different because  mostly brides like to go with the gowns and the  long dresses. So here I have some dresses in two piece style which you can carry.

Cape style dress:


On the wedding you can carry  the  cape style top with the maxi skirt  chiffon blouse with the lace upper cape and the chiffon pleated floor length  chiffon maxi skirt is looking gorgeous  you can carry it in the night parties with it you can carry lace embellished high heel ankle length booties  it is sleeveless with it crystal stone bracelet and the arm  jewelry look so nice you can  with it  for the new look.

Whimsical wedding dress:


Whimsical  wedding dresses are  good for the brides it look so nice  on the wedding  because   in these dresses you can see the  all feminine touches  so you can select the dresses because you are a  beautiful and you want to make yourself more  beautiful  with two piece dress high and low net fabric skirt  with the  chiffon lace embellished  top  with full sleeves you can carry the blue color flower bridal crown on your wedding for a  perfect whimsical look.

Fully laced stuff dress:


You have seen so many dresses  for the brides that can give you new and stylish look  on your wedding  fully  laced stuff long  skirt with the crop top  sleeveless  that is also made with the  lace fabric  with this dress you can use the ribbons in your  hairstyle for the young  bride look with it you can make the messy side braided hairstyle  in the skirt the pocket is also used that is making your look more innocent when you put your hands in it.

Ruffle flare two piece:


In the gown and maxi you have to carry  ruffle style if not then in the  ball gown or tote  ruffle is carried by you then you can carry pure white color georgette  simple floor length  ruffle flare skirt  with the appliqué crop top that is looking very  cute with it you can keep your hair open and the  crystal embellished  sash   and belt on your simple  skirt that can make your look fantastic.

Slit with laced top:


Chiffon laced  intricate printed   top cap sleeves   ban style neckline  with the floor length chiffon  maxi skirt one slit is looking so beautiful on your wedding you can carry the veil with anxd the silver color high heel sandal for the impressive look  white color high heel pointed pumps are nice  and make the top knot bun  and red bold lipstick for evening wedding party.

Boho brides:


Boho brides are different from the other brides because they want to do something  different and   adventurous so if you  like to go with the  bohemian style then  you can carry the  strapless big lace embellished blouse and the  fully laced embellished long skirt maxi  with it you can carry pearl statement necklace and the bangles with the pearl crown if you  want something grooming because your  neckline is off  on your short curly hair  embellished crown and tiara is nice choice.