New & Decent Bags by Burberry:

Burberry is a well-recognized luxury British fashion house that was founded by the Thomas Burberry in the year of 1856. It has almost more than 400 retail locates into various countries of this world so we can say that this brand is serving worldwide area. Almost more than 10,000 employees are working into various franchises & outlets of the Burberry.

Currently, it is offering clothes, perfumes, beauty products & fashionable accessories to the fashion lovers. Vary popular personalities & celebrities are including into its long list of clientele. Today, girls & ladies are going to explore its fresh handbags collection. Let’s have a look!

Tote Bag:

1 new stylish and decent Prorsum bags by burberry (9)

This light yellowish or golden color leather stuff bag is designed by the Burberry fashion house & showcased into the London Fashion Week for spring season. Snake skin design stuff on the corners, hand straps & tote style is making it different & unique!

Prorsum Satchel for Ladies:

2 new stylish and decent Prorsum bags by burberry (6)

This purple & skin color bowling style bag with “shine” alphabetic design & “Burberry Prorsum” logo is looking rally very stunning.

Burberry Bloomsbury Bowling Bag:

3 new stylish and decent Prorsum bags by burberry (13)

Another bowling style bag! Both hand & shoulder straps are attached with it so it is an easily convertible shoulder & hand bag for ladies.

Travel Satchel by Burberry:

4 new stylish and decent Prorsum bags by burberry (5)

This blue color satchel is just an ideal choice if you want to take a bag on a travel. It can carry lots of travel products in it very easily.

 Leather Bags 2015 Designs for Girls:

Mostly, all bags are made by using high quality leather stuff. Although these high branded bags are available on hefty price tags yet these are durable & look outstanding.