Some people give their friends such gifts on the Christmas event as keep very happy their friends and whenever they see these gifts they could feel happiness and joy ness. Christmas gifts ever are consisting of beautiful cats, kittens, puppy and innocent dogs. Very child like and blameless kittens and puppies have high importance more than cards and other gifts. Therefore every Christian has much import to the kittens and other live animals on the Christmas event. Very innocent kitten of light brown and white in green blanket can be much value able Christmas gift. Gorgeous and lovely puppy of long hair is also beautiful and lovable. Majority kittens and puppies are consisting on grey, white and brown colors. All these pets give an innocent look and they are considered real Christmas ever gifts. When all these pets are given to the others then these gifts make them very happy and smiley. Because of these decent gifts friends feel their others friend’s love. In this way these pets can make Christmas event memorable and unforgettable.