Crystal brooch bouquet is shimmering and glistening as it is a preparation of crystals in floral and petals and others shapes. This has been made with such attention and care that it becomes the piece of attraction for crystal lovers and those who try to offer themselves a newest touch.


This crystal bouquet is above from all pieces of bouquets. Words become insufficient if we star to admire it. Satin cloth pearls and crystal beads have done splendid job in its accomplishment and beauty. This is apt for those bridals that are devoted to fanciful, stylish and radiant fashion accessory.

Large crystal spray for nuptial is effective in its pretty appearance and exterior. It is not as much decorated but it is not very simple too. Golden wires with attached crystals become a cluster at holding portion. Bouquet has been fastened by the help of tissue stuff in broadening and tie chic. This type of crystal bouquet increases the supremacy of  bridals on wedding day.