Chapeau cloche is a fitted head wear that is women most favorite hat. This chapeau cloche was wear in 1920 it is also called vintage style hat. Now this modern era girls also like to wear these hats. Because its look very exotic and chic on head. Today we are going to present you some cloches hat style. You can see these cloche hats as our following pictures. Fabric of these hats is wool, crochet, and faux suede. Colors of these hats are black, grey, brown, dark brown, off white, cream, navy blue, purple. These hats astonished with ribbons, flowers, bow flowers, leaf style, buckle, brooch, and chain. All these hats are very staggering and superb. Girls look very charming when she wear chapeau cloche hats.

Collection: hats
Style: chapeau cloche
Ready for: girls

Grey chapeau cloche hat embossed with chain and ribbon

1 winter hat chapeau cloche collection

Purple chapeau cloche hat embossed with suede bow flower

2 purple color chapeau cloche hat for women

White chapeau cloche hat festooned with brooch and ribbon

3 white color women hat chapeau cloche 2014