Fashion of High Heels:

Now days, women & girls are very crazy about high heels. They want to wear those footwears which have high & sharp heels. The usage of 4 to 5 inch heel is very common. Although high heel is in fashion yet you ever think either it is good for you or not? So, here our main topic is to discuss whether high heel is good for your feet or not?

Problems from Wearing High Heels:

Do you think! What Happened to your Feet & body when you wear High Heel? If not then you must think now.
1)    A high heel leads towards the severe foot & heel pain. Women love to wear high heel but if they wear these heel full time then it must cause foot, toe & heel pain.
2)    It causes intense pain into the ball of foot.
3)    High heels make you ankles to bend forward. It also stops blood circulation.
4)    It also leads to bunch up your calves.
5)    When you wear high heel pumps then you must face trouble in walking. It’s natural.
6)     When you war high heel then it outer your hips.
7)    High also become a severe cause of pain into your back.
8)    A high heel puts additional pressure on your knee & in this way can become a cause to damage the knees.
9)    A high heel also causes cracks in the bones of your feet.
10)    Many podiatrists (a specialist in the care of foot) also accept that too much usage of high heel leads towards the many problem in foot, back & hips.

How to avoid Foot & Body Pain arises from wearing high Heels:

If you are worried about the pain problem which can arise in your feet, calves, knees, back, & other parts of body from wearing high heels then you must need a solution to get rid from this pain. Here are some solutions & cautions. If you act upon these then you will feel better.

Tips to Avoid Foot Pain:

1)    First of all you need to select a pair of footwear with a right size. Don’t go with too tight footwear.
2)    When you wear high heels then you are actually increasing weight on your toes & it will crush your toes or leads towards the foot pain. So, use high heel only when require I mean on formal events & function. Otherwise, you should go with soft & comfortable footwear for regular use.
3)    High heel footwear can distort your footwear shape so; wear high when you need to walk less.
4)    When wear high heels then you should walk in such a way that your heel rest first on the ground & then your toes part of your foot. This process is called walk from heel to toe.
5)    Try to take small steps when you wear high heel.
6)    If never wear a high heel then I suggest you to take a start from one inch heel, then move towards the two inch & then three & so on. If you at once choose a five inch heel it will surely cause foot & body pain.
I hope that this article surely provides the answer of your question how high heel leads towards the foot & body pain problem & in the same way you must find out the best ways of avoiding this pain. You can also let me with your feedback about this article.

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