Mostly it is becoming very popular that a bridal wears white color gown on her big wedding day. This white color gown is related with Queen Victoria, because she wore an unadulterated (pure) white color gown on her wedding ceremony with Prince Albert. Since then, white color gowns are very famous for western bridal.

In Italy, bridals also like to wear white color gowns on their big day of life. So, this article & the following gallery deal with the Italian bridal gowns collection. Look at the beautiful long white color gowns for Italian bridal.

Like all other traditional weddings the Italian wedding also follows some relevant traditions such as: Bridal wears a white color gown like dress, couple (bridal & groom) walks together & reach to the church together, then they promise before God to live a happy life with each other, bridal as well as bridesmaid also wear a veil in order to confuse the evil powers & the veil also shows the purity of bridal, the groom takes a small iron piece with himself in order to protect himself from the wicked & evil powers.

Topic: Italian Wedding & Bridal Dresses

Collection of: Dresses

Color: White

Stuff: Chiffon, Net, Georgette, Satin etc

Style: Long gowns

Italian wedding gown by Evergreen Wings

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