Jewelry Collection:

Girls like to wear some simple & unique styles of jewelry items such as simply designed bracelets, earrings, necklaces or pendants, anklets, bangles, nose pins etc. Mostly one or two items are selected for wearing casually & formally. Jewelry can be made by using lots of items such as metal, silver, gold, glass etc. Similarly for decorating gemstones, beads, rhinestones, crystals, etc can be used.

On this page I would like to show a very unique collection of jewelry. I hope that you like it very much. The jewelry which you are going to view below is called lampwork jewelry.  Lampworking is basically a glass work. Lamp working can help people in making beads, vessels, decorative items, animals, birds, insects & lot of other art work.

The jewelry items which you are going to see today all are manufactured by using beads (these beads are made by using lampworking technique that’s why we call this collection as Lampwork jewelry collection).

Lampwork Earrings:

1 lampwork jewellery collection for girls

This is a very beautiful pair of earrings with box style big beads. Girls can wear this pair of earring formally as well as casually.

Lampwork Necklace:

2 lampwork jewellery collection for girls (9)

This a very nicely designed double layer lamp work necklace which is manufactured by using frowzy, white & brown color beads. Girls can wear with a crop top or with a T-shirt. It can also go perfect with maxi dress or a gown.

  Lampwork Polka Dots Bracelet:

3 lampwork jewellery collection for girls (6)

Have a look at this pure red color bracelet which is decorated by using white color polka dots idea. This bracelet can become a perfect gift for your fiancée on this Valentines. Girls can wear it either with white dress or with red.

Lampwork Heart Pendant:

4 lampwork jewellery collection for girls (15)

This is a dark purple color heart shape pendant which is made by using lampworking technique. Heart shape pendants are in great demand that’s wy I include it into my collection. Hope that you will like it very much.

Beaded Jewelry for Girls:

Into the following picture gallery you can see some more lampworking jewelry items. For more info on latest fashion & styles you just need to bookmark our website now & then a regular visit of this website can helps you a lot in order to update your personality according to the prevailing trends of fashion.