In this age of fashion, no one can imagine a house without furniture. Every person wants to spend a luxurious life. For this purpose he likes to buy every item that can give comfort to him/her. One of these luxurious items is the bed. After performing your every day duties, when you feel tired then bed is the place where you feel comfort. But now another important thing that is kept in mind before the purchase of an item is the “benefit”.

Yes dear readers, along with comfort people want something that proves advantageous for them. The same case is with the bed. Now they need as bed that not only provides them comfort but proves beneficial for them. For the fulfillment of this requirement, now shelves & drawers are also attached with a bed.  These shelves & drawers are mostly used for saving lots of beneficial items.

The shelves are mostly used for keeping books & other important documentation while the drawers are used for keeping blanket, pillows, cushions & some other important things. The bed with shelves & drawers is mostly manufactured with the help of qualitative wood. The color (such as brown, chocolate etc) of the bed may be selected according to the theme of your bed room. Take a look at the pictures!

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Stylish Black Color Master Bed with Drawers & Shelves

1 2014 Bed with Drawers & Shelves collection

2014 Design of Bed with Shelves & Drawers for Kid’s Room

2 stylish Bed with Drawers & Shelves

Gorgeous Brown Color Bed with Shelves & Drawers

3 brown color Bed with Drawers & Shelves 2014