A double stand clear crystal, pearl beaded veil band this headband is perfect finishing to the attached pearls and clear crystal stones in swirled shape give a perfect look to wearer, inspired look. This headband is looking a great had necklace as worn by bridal on her marriage ceremony.


Howling bridal headband is so simple and stylish attached with net veil cover the bridal face and create a little bit of suspense in the beauty of vintage face, look like a fairy is captured in that veil. Its stunning and elegant veil is creating the others find to get it like.


This extensive and shimmering veil for bridal attached with the headband. It can be a gorgeous collection of anyone on her special occasion. Pearls band is looking like Milky Way stars gleaming night scene. Extraordinary veil is a symbol of an illusion bridal. This wedding veil is inspired to other to copy or get one as it is they seen on your day.