On weddings, the most appealing and worthy thing is the looks of couple especially bride with her dressing and if we talk about the western brides they mostly look in wearing white dresses also called the white weddings. The most appealing and lurid stuff for white bridal dress is the lace dress that has attained the world popularity, I mean not only the brides like to wear this stuff but also the other attendants with different colors. Have you ever thought that why this white lace dresses is always preferred by the bride? Today we have come out to search for this fact and tried to reveal the importance of white lace dress in bridal trend.

Origin of lace fabric:


0.  Why white lace brides dress is so popular

Basically the invention of lace meets in France where first it was developed with the free interworking of threads by hands. It is said that the weaving of thread took one hour to make one square piece of lace hardly woven by women worker. But the French lace is as soft as lightweight fabrics, on the other hand Britain lace is also popular but hard as compare to French lace. Britain hard lace stuff is easy to make a well settled dress while French lace is soft that is why it is styled over silk or satin dresses. One of the famous French lace stuff is Chantilly you may see in the image.

Significance of white color:

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White color symbolizes the purity, the purity from heart and also the spiritual purity which relates to the religious values too. But in many origins this color also represents death. In many culture its significance is different like purification, truth, perfection, innocence, worship and elegancy. In Greek culture it personifies the bridal joy that is impeccable. So hoping for pure relation the brides like to have white color code in their dress.

Foundation of white lace dress in Victorian age:

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In past the brides appeared typically in reds or other color tones but in Victorian age, it happened first time that a bride wore white lace dress which is herself by Queen Victoria. That was the real move settling out this bridal trend. Her white lace embedded gown became the focus of attention and after Victoria; it was all right for brides to have white lace dressing on their wedding.

Royal white weddings:


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You will also see the royal white weddings in which brides appear wearing the classy white lace dresses that are made with the quality fabric. Mostly white weddings situates in Christian culture but only white dressing of bride does not signify the meaning of white weddings but also the more practices which is done especially in Christianity. The beautiful white lace dress of Kate signifies the royal majesty of traditional wedding.

The trend of white lace wedding dress on its peak:

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Well now the charisma of white lace can be seen everywhere, however the current brides are also going with colorful dresses but you cannot deny the allure and dazzles of white lace wedding dress. There are beautification of different motifs and embroideries that further enhance the appeal of the stuff.

Designer’s motivation to white lace dress:

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The more inspirational thing for accepting the luridness and luxe of white lace dress on wedding day is also the motivation of different designers who are working to make the grandeur of white dress more ethnic, sublime and terrific. From the 20th century to still at this age there is a compact updating of styles, patterns, quality of white lace and surely the palettes. Different seasonal wedding lace dresses with outclass styles give the brides new ideas to carry the sublimity of white lace more terrifically.
Reasons to choose white lace dress on wedding day:
There are many reasons to prior white lace stuff with subtle work on your wedding day some are given below:
•    White lace stuff make the bride innocent and also sexy
•    The elegancy of white enhances the beauty of a lady
•    It represents the spiritual importance and purification of bride in Christianity
•    White lace dress is ever green trend

Worldwide popularity of lace fabric:

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