Look at the following gallery which is full with chic & wonderful collection of hats for boys & girls. These hats are made by taking inspiration from an animal called “bear”. In the following images you can see that towel like fabric is used in the Manufacturing of all these hats.

This fur style (towel like) stuff is obtained from animals such as faux, cats or rabbits. All hats are perfect for wearing in winter season because these hats keep your head & ears warm due to the usage of warm stuff & earflap style.

You can find here white, black, brown & golden colors of hats. So, now in this winter season you can try new or chic style of hats. So, stay connected with us & gets info or pictures of latest seasonal collection/other fashionable accessories.

Collection consists on: Hats
For: Boys & Girls
Style: Bear
Manufactures From the: Fur of Animals (such as cats, faux, rabbits)
Perfect for Wearing: in Winter Season
Colors: Black, White, Brown etc

polar-bear-hat design collection

Winter Earflaps Hat in bear style