The fashion of wearing beret hats becoming very popular. As there are many style of hat are found like fedora hat, beanie, hat, tribly hat, cow boy hat, base ball hat and bobble hat.  But beret hat much suit on the women’s. And we know this is the winter season running there fore we intense need of warm and stylish hats. In which they feel comfortable in it.

Here we also present you an anthology of hat and we sure you would like it. Because this style of hat ready according to women taste and style. The entire hats are in beret style. These hat made with fleece, wool, polyester, yarn, blended, nylon fabric. Some hats are plain in style but some knitted in Crochet patter.

Colors of the hats are black, red, blue, maroon, blue, purple pink, sea green, and black. The hats we present is durable in fabric and you feel very cozy when wear it on your head. All these hats easily available in the market. In the last we can say that all the beret style hats are very superb stylish and decent.

Anthology: women hat
Hat style: beret
Colors: pink, purple, red, maroon, black, grey, sky blue
Fabric: wool, fleece, yarn, polyester, nylon
Made for: winters

Crochet Halloween pattern beret hat

1 beautiful crochet Berets 2014 ideas

Black beret hat in wool fabric

2 black color Berets collection 2014

Fleece fabric beret style hat

3vlovely Berets women wear 2014 ideas