Mostly girls like to wear those dresses which not only fulfill the fashion requirement but also give them a gorgeous & fabulous look. Now the question arise how it is possible in winter season? Because in winter season the selection of outfits for formal wears as well as for casual wears is a difficult task for girls.

By keeping this point in my mind I decided to bring the collection of very beautiful & stunning winter outfits for girls. These all are designed in such away that you can wear these outfits casually as well as formally. Secondly, all are made with wool or other high quality fibers which keeps your body warm & long sleeves style is followed because this style is preferable over half sleeves especially in the winter season. You can explore various kinds of slim & fitted dresses in the following photo gallery. I hope girls that you would like this assortment of winter dresses!

Collection of: Slim & Body Fitted Dresses
With: Long Sleeves
For: Girls
Perfect for: Winter Season
You can wear: Casually & Formally
Made of with: Thick Fiber

black color fit winter dress for girls with Long sleeve

black color slim fit winter dress for girls with Long sleeve

blue color fit winter dress for girls with Long sleeve