As we know, that it is a season and period of wedding and marriages time, every one wants to look elegant and stylish in the ceremonies of their love ones or get to gather. In the current age, boys are not behind back in the fashion’s race from girls.

They also want to look charming and mesmerizing to others with the stunning dresses. Here we are presenting a beautiful men’s costume which in the form of blazer in black. A blazer is a type of jacket bordering on a suit coat cut more unceremoniously and classically with metal buttons. It is a formal dress and tailored from firm colored fabric.

Let’s have a look.

The entire compilation of blazer is consisting on a black colored blazer, single breasted, with white lining, dots, piping, black blended and check shirts with colorful tie is also looking gorgeous. Thee blazers are embellished with metal buttons, intique,and metallic golden colored buttons are looking too stylish and amplify the exquisiteness of these blazers.

Compilation:  “Men’s black blazer”

Color: “Black”

Embellishment: white lining, dots, piping, black blended and check shirts.

Perfect for: Function, get-to-gather and wear in special events

Ready for:  Boys and men


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